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ntl Set-Top Box Beta testing open

# 16 August 2004, 20:26 by Frank

ntl today announced on their unoffical forum that they are looking for ntl digital STB users to join a beta testing programme. The programme is being run directly by the STB development team and beta team members will have direct access to the developers via a beta feedback forum.

Development manager Ashley Jones has stated that the trials are not regular trials that have previously occurred prior to a software rollout. The purpose of this beta testing trial is to test prototype Set Top Box software with real Customers, to get feedback on how well the development of the software is doing.

Most testing is “unscripted” meaning that we want you to just use the box as you normally would, however, occasionally we may ask you to pay particular attention to specific area where problems have been reported.

If you want to join the Beta Testing Team then you should e-mail the details below to Ashley Jones.

  • Name
  • Address
  • ntl Account Number:
  • Chetnet Posting Name (You apparently need to register on Chetnet to participate in the betas)
  • STB Make (Pace or Samsung)
  • STB Model (On a sticker on underside of Pace or back of Samsung)
  • STB Part Code (Pace Only)
  • STB Serial Number (On the other sticker on Pace, on the shorter sticker on Samsung)
  • Viewing Card Serial Number

The beta tests are subject to degrees of confidentiality, and it seems that this particular trial is subject to a Non Disclosure Agreement as it is taking place behind closed doors.

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