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CR3 to Trial on Langley this month

# 6 March 2004, 14:44 by Frank

ntl:home are to trial the CR3 version of the Set-top Box software in old-ntl “Langley” this month. The upgraded platform is due to pilot in Swansea on Tuesday 9th March, and Colchester on Thursday 11th March.

ntl herald this as “great news for our Langley customers as it is a huge improvement to their Digital TV service – at no extra cost!”

There have apparently been lots of improvements which are shown below:

  1. The colour has changed from purple to blue – making it much easier to read.
  2. A Mini TV has been introduced throughout – so customers won’t have to miss a second of their favourite programme while using any of the four features: Guide, On demand, Interactive and Settings
  3. Improved Now and next listings – renamed Mini guide
  4. Quicker access to subtitles (from the Mini guide)
  5. The new Guide display compares 7 channels at a time
  6. A watershed-only PIN for On demand movies and events – making booking a movie more simple
  7. New games in Interactive for even more entertainment
  8. Some useful and fun new Settings
  9. The activation of the Red Button

You shoud note that Bromley Red Button events will not automatically be available on Langley, which basically means that to start off with there probably be even less iTV content that on Bromley! ntl will “update” us on an event by event basis.

Langley customer should receive a letter and a Handbook with information on of all the improvements to their Digital TV service.

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