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UK Riots may cause potential issues for Virgin Media helping their customers

# 9 August 2011, 20:35 by Cable Forum

In light of the recent UK Riots in which shops and stores across the country, have been targets for either looting or arson attackings. The Rioting could have an affect on Virgin Media being able to respond to repairs in affected areas, Virgin Media warn there could be delays or rescheduling of repairs and customer installations.

Virgin Media are also understandably concerned about the safety of their staff that could get caught up in the riots. Virgin Media warn customers that calls at some call centres will be routed to other care centres.

Virgin Media’s customer advice is as follows:-

To all customers

In light of the recent disturbances affecting some parts of the country, we are taking every possible step to ensure the integrity of our network and that customers’ services remain unaffected.

Our incident and network management teams are on high alert and are monitoring around the clock to ensure we are ready to respond should our network or customers’ services be affected.

Unfortunately, some customer installations or repair work in affected areas may be subject to delay or rescheduling however we’re working closely with the authorities to ensure we minimise the impact to our customers, whilst ensuring the safety of our staff during this time.

To ensure the welfare of our staff some Virgin Media stores in affected areas may be closed during the disturbances. If any customers were intending to visit their local store for purchases or to make payments, please visit www.virginmedia.com instead.

Additionally, care centres in affected areas will be closing early to ensure our staff can get home safely. During this time calls will be routed to different care centres. We apologise in advance if this results in delays to answering some calls during busy times.

We will continue to monitor the situation as it progresses, and will continue to work hard to ensure that services continue to be delivered as usual.

Thank you for your patience during this time

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