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Virgin Media confirm TiVo Powered HD/3D Set Top Box

# 3 November 2010, 12:45 by cfteam

Virgin Media have released information on their next generation TV services. There will be a TiVo powered HD/3D capable Set Top Box with a TerraByte sized hard drive. This is expected to allow some 500 hours of standard definition storage.

The new system works using an integral modem to the TiVo STB, and the content will be streamed to the STB using this modem. Other cable broadband services would remain independent of the TiVo functions. Virgin Media’s system will continue to offer on demand content.

Virgin Media believe the TiVo system will be a significant enhancement to their TV packages placing them well ahead of rivals connected TV offerings, as competitors have to rely on the single DSL bandwidth to a property. The Virgin Media cabling with separated TV and broadband modems should enable homes to “watch surf and play without compromise”.

Information on pricing and availablilty has yet to be released although the launch is scheduled for later this year.

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