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Cable Forum Acquires Cablehell.co.uk

# 5 March 2010, 11:40 by Cable Forum

Cable Forum has acquired cablehell.co.uk, a move which will now further our goals of being a site of one of it’s kind, a large, dedicated, independant Virgin Media customer support and community forum. The former owner of Cablehell approached the Cable Forum Team last week and offered to transfer control of the Cablehell.co.uk domain to us. The offer also included a copy of the Cablehell database. After careful consideration we accepted the offer. However, we have yet to decide if we will salvage and or use data from the Cablehell’s forum database.

Steps have already been taken to re-direct cablehell.co.uk to this forum and we now have full control of the cablehell.co.uk domain.

Our site and cablehell have co-existed for some time now – our identities changed some time ago to accommodate the re-branding of former ntl cable group now known to be Virgin Media. Our former identity was nthellworld and cablehell’s was previously known as ntlhell.

There has of course, been some concerns regarding Data Protection issues and the transferring of cablehell’s data to us – however, this is absolutely legal and above board. There must be many companies that handle customer data that merge week in – week out. Some data including all users private messages were removed before the database was handed to us.

The news was a bombshell to the former Cable Hell staff team who were not informed of the offer or even the decision to hand Cable Hell to us, there may be many reasons behind that, it’s not for us to speculate the reasons why. The offer was a simple transfer of domain ownership, a copy of the Cable hell’s data base. No money has changed hands.

On the positive side and looking to the future – we are going to pursue our aim of supporting both the customers and the development of cable services in the UK, creating one powerful, independent voice which we feel can only be of benefit to the customers of Virgin Media.

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