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Dexter Season 3 in HD on Virgin Media

# 23 April 2009, 17:52 by Frank

Virgin Media customers will be able to get a fix of their favourite blood-spatter-analyst-turned-serial-killer whenever they want, as the latest series of Dexter launches on Virgin Media TV on demand this week. All Virgin Media TV Choice customers will be able to catch season three on demand, with V+ HD users able to enjoy the show in all its gruesome goriness in HD.

Now in its third series, Emmy award winning Dexter stars Michael C. Hall as a sociopathic killer as he carries out his vigilante crusade, ridding society of criminals he believes deserve to die. Season two ended with a gripping finale with Dexter’s secret almost unveiled by Sgt. Doakes, when he found evidence linking Dexter to the ‘Bay Harbour Butcher’ victims. But with Doakes out of the way, Dexter is once again back on track, believing he is now master of the techniques his father taught him.

Season three begins on FX UK on 24th April with Dexter setting his sights on Freebo, a dope dealer and killer, as his next target. It looks to be just another night of his dark justice, but things don’t go as planned. The first episode will be available in Virgin Media’s on demand library TV Choice from 26th April, with a new episode stacking each week, All Virgin Media TV customers will be able to enjoy a taste of Dexter with the first episode available in Virgin Central, the on demand channel, from 26th April. Virgin Central is available at no additional cost to customers who subscribe to Virgin TV on digital cable.

Katharine Burns Rivington, managing director of content acquisition and strategy at Virgin Media said “With Virgin Media TV on demand, our customers have the flexibility to watch the broadest range of shows whenever they choose, with over 4,600 hours of TV, film and music to pick from. We’re big fans of Dexter and are delighted to bring our customers such a great show in HD. This is just one example of our commitment to bringing more HD to our customers, be it via linear channels or our extensive on demand service.”

The entire series will be available until August 9th on TV Choice. TV Choice is available at no additional cost to subscribers of Virgin Media’s ‘XL’ TV package, or £7 a month for customers on the ‘M’ TV or ‘L’ TV packages.

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