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NTL CAP limit to remain unchanged despite broadband speed increases

# 5 May 2004, 22:18 by Cable Forum

On 26th April 2004, ntl announced speed increases to their broadband service. Whilst many felt the move was very positive, some questions were raised about the current daily 1GB cap limit and will it still apply when the new speeds are launched towards the end of summer.

Mick, member of the cableforum team decided to contact ntl to ask if ntl will now be reviewing this limit, given that the limit was applied to the current speed tiers.

Bill Goodland, ntl director of internet says: ‘At this point I don’t intend to increase our guidance on data usage – which is 1gb/day (although as I’ve frequently said before, we won’t contact customers who download more than this occasionally). We only contact continuous, very heavy downloaders who are likely to impact network performance – and in those cases ask customers to moderate their use.’

Bill Goodland also says: ‘On the subject of data downloading – you may also have seen that many other ISPs have now introduced not just guidelines, but strict caps on data use. BT, Freeserve/Wanadoo, Telewest, Virgin and Tiscali are all now offering capped services, with others likely to follow.’

NTL’s highest speed increase will be 1.5MB and the tendency is, with heavy internet users assuming that more speed means more downloads. On a 1.5MB connection it certainly opens up the scale and the chances are that the 1GB daily cap limit may not be suitable for the new 1.5Mbps speed especially for heavy internet users.

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