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Virgin Media set to announce deal on "Lost" (updated)

# 25 February 2007, 12:31 by Paul M

According to reports, Virgin Media are already making plans to replace some of the popular series that viewers will miss when Sky pull Sky One from the Cable Network, and have started with the series “Lost”.

Virgin has apparently secured a deal with the Lost producers (ABC) to buy all three series of the show, which will then be made available on Virgins Video On Demand service.

The only downside to the deal appears to be that viewers will have to wait until late summer for the current series – this is because under the terms of the agreement, ABC will not allow the third series to be available until August.

Sky were rumoured to have paid almost £1m an episode to buy the rights to Lost, and are currently showing them on Sky One.

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Virgin Media released more details today, which confirm that series 1 & 2 will be available from August, while series 3 will “arrive later in the year”

Seasons one and two of Lost will be available in August on the company’s TV-on-demand service, which lets viewers choose from a huge library of entertainment, with DVD-like control. The third season will arrive later in the year, after its linear broadcast and DVD release.

Ernie Cormier, chief commercial officer of Virgin Media, said:

By combining Disney’s content with our on-demand technology, our customers can enjoy watching Lost episodes from seasons one and two at any time that suits.

The full press release can be found here.

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