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Virgin Central - Take your pick TV channel launches

# 20 February 2007, 11:37 by Cable Forum

As we announced on 8th February, the day of the Virgin rebrand. Virgin Central launches today on channel 119, Virgin Media say it will be a revolutionary new kind of television channel that uses TV-on demand technology. Virgin Central won’t be the typical channel with scheduled programme start times, viewers can watch what they want from the selection of content available, when they want.

So what exactly is Virgin Central then?

It’s an interactive channel which forefronts the TV-on demand features. It will allow viewers to pick from a menu guide, just as they do with TV-on-demand, shows such as – The OC, Nip/Tuck, West Wing, Little Britain; Grey’s Anatomy, Alias, Criminal Minds, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and CSI: Miami. These will become available over the following months and content will be updated on a regular basis.

Eric Cormier, Chief commercial officer of Virgin Media, said:

“Virgin Central will offer a feast of hit shows in one place and is set to become the destination of choice for TV lovers. By combining brilliant content with the unrivalled versatility of our technology, we have created something that no other company provides. Virgin Central will make TV-on-demand the simple, compelling service it should be.”

Customers on the TV Size: XL package, will also notice that shows in the TV Hits section in the on demand menu guide, are now free to watch.

Virgin Media have also announced today that they reached a content agreement with Warner Bros that will allow hundreds of episodes of US comedy and drama series, all added to the TV-on demand library.

Steve Burch, president and CEO of Virgin Media, said:

“This is a huge deal and our customers have a feast of entertainment to look forward to. Warner Bros has many of the best US shows available and this is our biggest content investment.

The agreement will add hundreds of hours of must-see shows to our on-demand library, which customers can easily access and control at any time of day or night.”

Christopher Law, who serves as Senior VP and Managing Director, UK, Warner Bros International Television and Digital Distribution, said:-

“This is an example of the coordinated efforts of our company
in bringing Warner Bros programming to new distribution platforms while making access to these shows easier for consumers in a manner that complements and respects the broadcasters that have partnered with us to make these shows successful in the UK.”

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