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BSkyB trounces ntl to Virgin Radio ad slot

# 28 December 2006, 15:27 by Cable Forum

The Guardian had reported last week that Murdoch’s BSkyB, had beat ntl to secure an advertising deal on Virgin Radio. For the next year, BSkyB will sponsor Christian O’Connell’s breakfast show, thus preventing and depriving ntl of much needed promotional publicity for their rebranding to Virgin Media.

Sky refused to comment on how much they had spent on securing the airtime slot, but The Guardian states that they believe it to be near the £1 Million mark. The deal starts on Jan 22nd 2007.

According to The Guardian, Charlie Ponsonby, Sky brand marketing director had said: “In 2007, Sky will step up its challenge to traditional telcos and cable companies.”

The Guardian also reports, Fru Hazlitt, Virgin Radio’s chief executive saying: “This is a really exciting deal for Virgin Radio, Not only is it one of the biggest sponsorship deals we’ve ever signed, but Sky is such a natural brand partner for our most high-profile show.”

There is a serious game of “tug of war” being carried out between BSkyb and ntl – it was only recently that Sky had blocked ntl’s takeover attempt of ITV, by buying a significant amount of shares in ITV. ntl and its largest shareholder, Sir Richard Branson, hopes regulators force BSkyb to sell its stake.

News Source: The Guardian

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