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The History of cable TV in the uk
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Re: The History of cable TV in the uk

Originally Posted by Dude111 View Post
Yes Mate I think the whole thing is interesting.... They didnt used to put any wires above ground?? Yes that would keep things looking nicer for sure.....
Is it true that most Americans now get their TV from satellite (but still refer to it as cable TV)?
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Hmmmmm No I dont think so... People hopefully arent that stupid here (But I do know alot that are)

They know the difference between cable and sat (Bills,etc)
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Re: The History of cable TV in the uk

Originally Posted by m419 View Post
Here is the list of Cable operators as it was in the 1990's.

Aberdeen Cable Aberdeen (No Longer exists)
Andover Cablevision Andover
Anglia Cable Harlow (Telewest)
Birmingham Cable Birmingham (Telewest)
Cable Corporation Windsor (Telewest)
Cable London North London (Telewest)
Cable Midlands Wolverhampton (NTL)
Cable North West Liverpool (NTL)
CableTel Surrey and Hants, West Central Scotland,
South Wales, Beds and Herts, Kirklees,
& Nothern Ireland. (NTL)

Cablevision Bedfordshire: South Bedfordshire (NTL)
Cambridge Cable: Cambridge (NTL)
Coventry Cable: Coventry& Midlands (NTL)
Diamond Cable: Midlands&Nottingham (NTL)
Metro Cable: Welwyn Garden city (NTL)
Norwich Cablevision: Norwich,Norfolk (NTL)
Encom: Tower Hamlets (NTL)
Bell Cable Media: Watford,Herts (NTL)
LCC Cable: Leicester (NTL)
NYNEX CableVision: Bromley,Derby,Solent,Sussex.(NTL)
NYNEX CableVision: Blackburn,Darwen & Bolton.(NTL)
Peterborough Cablevision: Peterborough (NTL)
Swindon Cable: Swindon,Wiltshire (Telewest)
Telecential: Hemel Hempstead,Northants. (NTL)
Telecential: Reading and Bracknell (Telewest???)
United Artists: Avon,Croydon,Cotswolds,Dundee (Telewest)
United Artists: Edinburgh,London South,Glenrothes (Telewest)
United Artists: South East,North East,Motherwell (Telewest)
United Artists: Newcastle,perth (Telewest)
BT Cable: Westminster and Milton Keynes. (NTL)
Videotron: Southampton (NTL)
Videotron: Middlesex, south London (NTL)
NYNEX: Middlesex (NTL)
Yorkshire Cable: Bradford,Leeds (Telewest)
North Downs Cablevision: Crawley,Sussex (Telewest Eurobell)
Devon Cablevision: Devon&Somerset(Telewest Eurobell)
East Kent Cablevision: Eastern kent(Telewest Eurobell)

Cable companies after 1995:

OMNE-UK: North West England and parts of Scotland.(Now WightCable North)

Wight Cable: Covers Isle of wight and former OMNE areas.

Kingston Comms: Telecoms provider for Kingston upon hull now operates Cable Services.

Atlantic Cable: Formerly Aberdeen Cable, Atlantic telecom assets was sold to Opal Telecom except Atlantic Cable, Atlantic Cable went into liquidation together with Atlantic Telecom possibly in 1997.

Company name changes:

United Artists: changed to Telewest Communications
Westminster Cable: Changed to BT Cable
Cable Tel: changed to NTL
Aberdeen Cable: Atlantic Cable
Devon Cablevision: Eurobell South west.
East kent Cablevision: Eurobell South East
North downs Cablevision: Eurobell South east.
NYNEX,Videotron,BellCable media,Mercury all merged creating CWC.
Cablevision Bedfordshire: Cable Tel.

Other Telecom company name changes:

Mercury Communications: Cable and Wireless Communications. (1997)
Cellnet: BT Cellnet (1999)
IPM: Infolines Public Networks (2000)
New World payphones: NWP Spectrum (2002)
BT Internet: BT openworld (2000)
BT paging,Cellnet,Genie: O2 (2002)
One2One: T-Mobile (2002)
Dolphin Telecom: Inquam
NTL Broadcast: Arquiva (2005)
Vizzavi: Vodafone Live! (2003)
Mercury paging: Page One
Infolines Public Networks/Central payphones: 4 Kiosk Solutions (2005)
Guernsey Telecoms: Cable and Wireless Guernsey(2001)
Infolines premier: Premier Tele-solutions (2001)
MCI: MCI-Worldcom (1998)
Value Telecom: Fresh Mobile (2002)
Cable North West was originally Oyston Cable based up in Frenchwood, Preston. It started in Preston and then expanded initially into South Liverpool using the switched star UK Cabletime system. In the early 90s it was taken over by South Western Bell, who then merged with Cox so the company then became Cable North West (SBC Cablecomms). It also controlled part of the Midlands. Eventually it was renamed Telewest, then Telewest:NTL, then Virgin Media. Its now owned by Liberty Global.
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