Thread: Tivo V6 Remote control playing up.
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Re: Remote control playing up.

Originally Posted by spiderplant View Post
Before you order a new remote, try rebooting your V6. Also check the remote is still paired with the box (Help&Settings - Settings - Devices - Remote Control Pairing)

Are all of the buttons affected?
Yes, all buttons are affected. I went through the pairing instructions and got a continuous red light on the remote that sometimes flashed until it eventually went off. No green light whatsoever!

I found this from a post on the Community Forum, is this worth trying when I can get someone who is able to bend down to where the V6 is?

Try this:

1. Press the Channel Down button on
the front of the Virgin TV V6 box for
10 seconds.
2. Then, hold the Info button down on the
remote for 7 seconds.
3. The light in the top of the remote will
flash green twice.
4. Your remote is now paired, so it'll work
even if your box is hiding in a cupboard.
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