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Re: VM trying to collect old Telewest debt.

Originally Posted by Itshim View Post
Richard you do seem to have record of posting " moans" regarding virgin media . With filmsy "links" to say the least . I really fail to understand why you wish to have anything to do with them. As they clearly causing you and your "friends" great troubles why do you not give them up as a bad job ? . It really is time for you to move on . Unless ...........

"This thread isn't about me, but the subject in hand"

the tone of your posts make it seem that it is :
I have indeed had some shocking trouble with VM, but after intervention by Ofcom & a solicitor, everything has been sorted out & I have been adequately compensated for how I was treated. It is a fact, however, that I have now allowed most business contracts to expire to limit my contact with staff who can often barely speak English and appear to have a limited grasp of manners or common sense. I have been told off the record that VM are looking to stop using these foreign call centres. I do hope that this comes to fruition as many problems would be resolved at a stroke.

I am, however, under no illusion that many, many other people are still being treated badly by this company; a great deal of whom won't be in a position to obtain legal advice & representation.

I speak as I find. When NTL & Telewest rebranded to VM, I found that customer service & the hardware improved. Since LG got their hands on the company it's gone further & further down the pan.

Virgin Media are the most complained about Pay TV provider and, only two days ago, Ofcom told VM to 'up it's game'.

I post about a wide variety of subjects, both negative & positive. Sometimes these involve VM & this forum was actually created to enable people to do this.

Unless otherwise stated, threads that I start are indeed about the subjects in question and not me as an individual and the phrase 'Play the ball, not the man' seems apt.

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