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Cable Forum has reached the bronze ageCable Forum has reached the bronze ageCable Forum has reached the bronze age
Unacceptable Content

We do not allow any content that is objectionable. This includes postings which are racist, extreme religious or homophobic views, invasive of privacy or confidentiality, potentially libellous or defamatory, incite an illegal act, abusive, harassing, threatening, adult or illegal. It should be obvious that malware, pornography and similar matter is prohibited.

All site content should be in English. We ask that users avoid text speak abbreviations, shouting (capitalised text), and ideally use proper punctuation. However we are not grammar police and recognise the content of the message is more important than the way it is conveyed.

We try to have a family audience policy for all content on the site. Posts should aim to comply with this. If a reasonable parent wouldn't want their internet aware child to read it, it shouldn't have been posted.

We will not allow the discussion of methods of circumventing the obtaining of services from Virgin Media, or other company, without a proper subscription, or their authorised equipment.
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