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Re: Project Lightning Silence...

Originally Posted by MagicTorch View Post
Thank you so much for posting this list. My area (Upton Rocks in Widnes) is on the list . Will try not to get my hopes up too much, as 'Cable My Street' is still saying 'Computer says No', but I really hope that this is a sign that Virgin Media will be heading my way sometime in the near future.

It would make sense for Virgin to expand into Upton Rocks, as their network covers properties nearby. Upton Rocks consists of a large number of homes built from the 90's onwards, probably just after one of the former cable operators cabled up most of Widnes.

After moving to Upton Rocks, I did get in touch with Virgin to ask if they would consider expanding into area. This was back in 2010, but I still have the emails. My enquiry resulted in a guy who Virgin referred to as their 'local new build officer' getting in touch with the Technical Manager at David Wilson homes. The response I received back said 'as this is a new development there may be wayleave issues affecting us gaining access for the foreseeable future.'

Since 2010, the roads and footpaths have since been adopted by the local council & Project Lightning now exists. Surely this is a good sign? Who knows, maybe my enquiry from 2010 could have helped to get Upton Rocks on the list!
One thing I can recommend doing is writing a note for your neighbours, making over a thousand copies and putting your walking boots on.

I got a minor fracture in my left foot in the process but it's healed up now.

Postcode checked recently changed to: "We're on our way..."

To be fair though, they might already have been on their way without my canvassing - but I like to think I had some effect
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