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Re: Virgin Media Ad Deal - Would you be opting out?

But the thing is, they say they "store" all the sites you visit & the searches, HOW LONG do they keep the data to make up this "profile"??

For instance, I will come on here, catch up on the new posts & threads, then I will probably close my browser for a bit, remember I need to check something on ebay, then close again, later on I'm back on here catching up, follow any interesting links like news stories & the like, then back here again.

Will they track ALL of this, or just the current internet session, and when the browser is closed, so is their "profile"?

The system tracks recent sites visited by the user and any keywords they have entered to search engines to identify their interests, but replaces their identifying details with a random number that cannot be traced back.
So they DO have indentifying information about us at first, BUT what if there is a "computer error" or a "bug" in some of their software, or as someone mentioned earlier about the change of a "dodgy" worker that can access such details? And we ALL know that if something gets deleted, there is a good chance it can be recovered again!

If I wanted people watching what I do online, I'd link up a massive video screen wall in the middle of the town centre so they could watch!

Any sort of an update on how to opt-out of this rubbish?
Whats the betting their website crashes cos of too many people opting out at once
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