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Re: The Home Automation Thread

We've had pretty much our entire home kitted with Philips Hue for a while now, which is pretty nice - we've even set up some automation to dim lights after a certain time when we start a movie, and with room names and zones you can have quite a good level of control with Siri or Amazon Echo.

In addition, we use a Harmony remote which can be controlled with the Echo. "Turn on/off the AppleTV" is quite handy, especially the 'off' command as you're walking out of the room.

The only problem with Philips Hue as the smart lighting solution is that your light switches become annoyingly redundant, and guests to your home will often end up switching the light switch off. We've used some Tap switches and some dimmer switches from Hue, but until we replace the regular light switches with blanks they'll always end up getting turned off at some point.
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