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Cable Forum has reached the bronze ageCable Forum has reached the bronze ageCable Forum has reached the bronze ageCable Forum has reached the bronze ageCable Forum has reached the bronze age
Requesting Help on Cable Forum

Requesting Help from Virgin Media staff, the CF Team, or other forum users

May we remind you that Cable Forum is an independent site. It is run by volunteers. We are grateful to the many Virgin Media staff, and indeed many other forum users, who also offer assistance in their own free time.

Kindly refrain from using unsolicited Private Messages (PM's), asking for assistance with difficulties you may be having. Neither the forum's users, nor the CF Team are at your beck and call. Such PM's will frequently be ignored, unless the recipient has had a very good day

As a support forum, we simply ask that you post your problems to the board. The forum's members as a whole can then offer advice. If appropriate, a staffer or CF team member may volunteer to intervene on your behalf. Only then may you send information by PM.

Please do be careful not to disclose personal information, either publicly, or by PM. The CF team will be happy to confirm any staffer is who they claim to be. You should not publish contact details for Virgin Media that are for individuals or teams that are not the standard public facing arrangements.

Data Protection rules do apply. It may not always be possible for assistance to be offered where your VM account needs to be accessed without your going via an official Virgin Media contact method.

Finally, before posting, we'd like you to check back through the recent history of issues posted. It may well be that your problem has already been raised.

Thank you
The Cable Forum Team
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