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Virgin Media Business 5x Static Install Woes

Good Afternoon, I've stumbled across this forum having recently had a Virgin Business line installed from a residential service. Ive been having issues consistently since the install last week, and VM have not been of much help, and I was wondering if anyone could shed any light on these issues, or if anyone has had similar issues in the past.

We moved from a residential line last week, due to some issues with downtime in the area, figured the "promises" with SLA and such on the business plan would be of some use.

After install, the engineer advised there was an issue with our GRE tunnel auth, shortly after the engineer left, the GRE tunnel came up, and passes traffic intermittently.

The behaviour I am seeing is that from a router behind the Hitron, I am seeing 100% loss to Google DNS, however when running a packet capture, I'm seeing the odd (1 in 1000 or so) response from upstream, no loss in GRE according to the Hitron, it is consistently showing as connected.

The even stranger part, it that when pinging the VM edge gateway from the router, (next hop from the Hitron) I'm seeing only 10-15% loss, and at times as low as 2%, and the same behaviour one of Virgin's DNS servers (
Edit: In addition to this, I get query responses from with no issues.

I understand that this is likely linked to the GRE tunneling, as my traffic is being routed from the head end of the GRE tunnel, however why am I seeing little loss to nodes within Virgin Media's AS?

Spoken to an order manager and they have basically they said the fault can't be addressed by the faults team as the installation isn't technically complete, and also mentioned that the engineer shouldn't have left the site with the connection in this state, but from what I can gather there was not much he could have done from his position.

Would there be anything worth looking at or delving deeper into?

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