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Re: Virgin Media Ad Deal - Would you be opting out?

Originally Posted by dev View Post
did you read what i said?

from what i can tell, its another ad serving network just with a different way of making the targeted ads. dont want to see them? add the domains to whatever ad blocker you use just like you do with google ads. they aren't magical ads that aren't blockable
But like was said earlier, you might not get these ads on your webpages, but the fact is they are STILL colleting this information, as it is done through the ISP's side.

Something just hit me, with all the news of this tracking & ads, what's it going to do for the privacy bit thats going on with how the govenment wants ISP's to look at all packets being sent & recieved to TRY to prevent piracy, makes me shudder to think what's going to be next...
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