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Re: V6 installation

I don't recall ever saying 'I expected a Sunday installation' - just that is currently the only day off I get.

Anyway, just to report details of the installation on Friday:-

My appointment was between 1 and 6 - virgin made it quite clear they couldn't narrow this down

Installer phoned at 11:50am having called an found no-one in. I explained I was miles away on a course and no-one would be there unti 2pm.

Installer said ok he would call back, which he did around 2:30pm.

Installer made a neat job of installation apart from leaving my upstairs sky box without any connection to the dish (1 cable was left looped up outside the house the other unconnected to the box inside) a minor irritant.

First impressions of the box are:

1. Very responsive

2. All recordings set have happened so far (around 25)

box does what is says on tin


1 I have switched on twice in 3 days to a green screen, live TVs has a green tinge. I have resolved this by rebooting the machine - is this normal? (Upstairs box has not done this)

2 although my broadband is supposed to be the top (200) download speed is only around 23?

I have noticed the recordings take up a lot of space, would really like a bigger disk in the machine.

I had a 1st generation TiVo which I upgraded to use a bigger hard drive (from memory 40gb upgraded to 80gb) is it possible to upgrade the drive in the V6?
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