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Possible HDMI Cable Issue From PS3 to LCD TV

Hi All,

Just signed up for this site as I have come across a problem with my PS3 to TV and after a week of searching websites I live in hope that someone can help me from here.

My TV is an LCD Samsung 26" HD LE26R88BD bought from Dixons on-line about 2 years ago. PS3 80gig bought 2 weeks ago along with an HDMI (Budget) cable from ASDA.

TV 1080i selected when connected to the PS3, all works fine with everything until I play any game, the TV seems to either loose connection with the PS3 for a very short time making the screen go blank and reset back into full picture without any interruption to the PS3.

This happens consistently at worst every 10 minutes; this is during playing a game or just doing nothing while in game mode.

The action seems as though either the TV or PS3 is overheating and shorts out. I have tried different resolutions also used 720p and lower resolution on the TV and used different HDMI ports with the same result. TV & PS3 are in an open space and are well ‘aired’. I have also put an external cooling fan on both PS3 and TV but still same problem occurs.
I have searched the web for this model TV having any known problem with this but no luck, and also searched the PS3 overheating problems, again no luck with this specific issue.
My conclusion if it was overheating it would happen all the time and would just happen in game mode, unless anyone knows if playing a game generates more heat and more power than playing a DVD or using all the other options on the PS3.

TV using free view and all other function of the TV I have had no problems with, it is just specific to the PS3 playing a game.

If anyone could help I would be most grateful, I just need to know which device is at fault, so I can replace it, TV Cable or PS3.

Many thanks!!
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