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4 months with Virgin, bill wrong every month

As the title says, I've been with Virgin since the end of December 2020. In this time I've had 5 bills, only 1 has been close to being correct and that was because I was given a credit.
I've taken on Broadband and telephone for 18 months and I have an email that states the monthly payment is 27.99 per month until June 2022. I'm aware that I needed to pay for the hub.
So my bills have been December 2020 9.25 (part payment for December no issue here)
January 2021 41.75 part payment for Dec-Jan
51.00 payment for Jan-Feb
35.00 hub payment

I phone CS and query this price, CS sees there is an issue and says this will be credited on next bill. Excellent, thank you very much.

February 2021 4.98 as expected.

March 2021 51.00 Phone CS explain the situation, the CS agent says not only will he correct it but he will be able to get it changed in time for the Direct Debit to be the correct amount. Awesome, thank you very much.

April 2021 82.77 Now very annoyed! So not only is the amount wrong again! I've been charged a late payment fee (Direct Debit went out fine) and I still owe 30.51!!!!

Please can somebody take this on and correct my account so I don't have to constantly play a back and forth with CS every other month to get my bill sorted!

I'm actually very happy with the Broadband, the increased speeds have helped solve the bottlenecks we were having.

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