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I had an email telling me. No Add ons, NO tv. Only 350 internet and phone that I seldom use. My contract ends March 2021. I had a deal at 43:00p. Then 47 from Fri 6th March 2020. But a few months ago they started billing me 50:50p adding the 3:50 rise to the Bill. From March 6th 2021 it goes to 57:00p. Was told other week it going up again by 2:99p. What are they playing at. In a email + letter I got this----Just keeping you in the loop-your contract with us ends soon (NO IT DON't). Like many of our customers, your contract with us will come to an end, and for you that will be on 5/9/2020. (NO IT DOES NOT) After that price will be 50:50..That means the ended my contract early to add that 3:50 rise.

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This is the Email I got----From 1st November,
your bill will be going up by 2.99 a month
Dear Dennis,
We know a price rise is never welcome news, but it means we can continue investing heavily to make sure we bring you more of the stuff you love, now and in the future. And of course, you'll still enjoy great extras in your package, like inclusive service and repairs.
Here's how you're getting
more from us
You're getting award-winning broadband reliability.
Our customers voted our Fibre broadband best for Reliability and Speed Satisfaction at the 2017 Broadband Genie Awards. And we'll be making even more upgrades to our network across the UK.
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