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Talking Pictures in trouble for showing racist material again.

From Thursday's Times:

'A family-run television channel specialising in nostalgic programmes faces an Ofcom investigation for broadcasting a 1970s series that shows actors in blackface.
The media watchdog decided to begin a full inquiry after one viewer complained about an episode of Rogue’s Rock that was screened by Talking Pictures TV on Boxing Day.'

This is the 3rd or 4th time that Talking Pictures have fallen foul of Ofcom. Other issues include broadcasting archive films containing the N word and the word 'wog'.

I suspect that they wound up Ofcom by 'daring' to dispute their ruling in 2018 by attempting to seek a resolution.

The problem is that Ofcom could revoke their licence to broadcast or impose a fine which, if large enough, could put them out of business (Talking Pictures have said in the recent past that their ad revenue has nosedived as a result of covid).

I have noticed that they now start some programmes with a warning along the lines of "This programme contains language of the time, which todays viewers may find offensive". Clearly this isn't good enough for Ofcom.

Should TPTV stand up for what they believe and risk going off air, or should they humbly doff their cap, apologise to Ofcom and do as they say? Ultimately it will be for the owners to decide which is more important to them, their business or their principles.

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