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Re: VM News Another Price Increase

My MiLs contract run out last week

Only Mix TV, 100Meg, Talk More anytime was going up to 62.94 from 52 (discount ending) had no email about price increases.
Virgin offered 51 which I took but when receiving the contract it was 47 for 6 months then 51 for a year which is great, but the shock is they want 77 at the end of the contract.

So what was a 62 pack is now 77. I feel 50 is fair value for what they get, she was with BT for just internet and phone and paid way more. Plus they used to go through Freeview recorder boxes like crazy.

I feel a decent Freeview/freesat recorder and back to BT might have to happen in 18 months BT will do 50meg and 700mins on a landline for 35 and our town has the 1 gigabit rollout happening currently so should be able to get 150/300 soon
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