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Re: Only 8 Downstream channels, and getting 200Mbps, not the promised 400Mbps.

I'm happy to say that on the very last day of CISAS's deadline Virgin Media responded meeting my requests.

They have refunded the overcharges for the SIM Card, landline calls, and my postage expenses sending the multiple letters of complaint.

They have reduced my contract price by 13/month for the remaining 8 months of the contract, to 34/month.

They apologised and said "I feel this could have been dealt with in a timelier manner". Hmm, indeed...

In other news, some of my friends signed up to Virgin Media for a 12 month contract through an employee referral and have been put on an 18 month contract instead! They've not been able to get anyone from VM to pick up the phone. I don't envy their next 4 months :-)
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