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Re: Poor affected - The Rich not affected again - why?

Originally Posted by tizmeinnit View Post
but there are still only one job for every 5 unemployed where are they going to magically get all these jobs needed? where are they going to magically get all the smaller properties needed by families who want to move who can not afford the loss of housing benefit? Its ok giving them a nudge but for many there is nowhere for them to go after they are nudged or kicked as some feel it?
Because when the markets pick up again and jobs become more plentiful people will be happy to give up benefits instead of staying on them because life is easier on benefits .

What most don't seem to understand is that the government accept that the recession is going to go on for a good few years more which means that the benefit bill will only rise and tax receipts will fall and borrowing will increase .IDS has to look at this and make sure we can afford a benefits system in 4,5,6 years time or however long it takes .The choice is a reduced benefit system for everyone now or practically no benefit system in 10yrs time
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