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Re: Elon Musk buys Twitter for $44 Billion

Originally Posted by TheDaddy View Post
I think he's been misleading us all, not sure his heart was ever in it, seemed like things got out of hand really quickly and he didn't want to back down and now this is all very convenient. Stand to be corrected when the deal goes through of course and it's 50% of accounts but that's just the feeling I got watching it all unfold
As rich as he is, I don’t he’d spend $44 Billion on a whim like that. His true aim is as I said above, he’s probably attempting to drive down Twitter’s value, having discovered Twitter might have more spam accounts than they have let on in a prior negotiation deal.

I will say this though, Twitter shareholders, could see through this and totally reject the deal, ownership hadn’t yet changed hands and there was issues with his SEC filing on his initial share purchase that could still scupper the whole arrangement.

Musk had already vowed to unban Trump, so it doesn’t take some guess work that there may be some attempt to stop this deal dead. Given that everything that is going on in America, baby food shortages, Joe Biden’s serious unpopularity and docile approach to everything and he’s vowed to run again in 2024. An unbanned Trump with 88 Million following, vs Biden, gives Trump the 2024 ticket.
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