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Re: Elon Musk buys Twitter for $44 Billion

Originally Posted by General Maximus View Post
the comparison is easy; making up completely baseless and unfounded facts and statistics and using them in such a way that they have a sense of credibility and could be plausible. I haven't read through this thread and I haven't seen any other comparisons to Trump made but as soon as I read that it is the first thing that popped into my mind. If he thinks that kind of behaviour is okay then it explains why he thinks Trump's behaviour is acceptable and happy to see his ban overturned.

It is one thing to explain that you are acting responsibly and exercising an abundance of caution in investigating the number of fake accounts on a platform you are buying and it is another thing to say "well I know Twitter says it is 5% or less but I think it is 20% or more". Really? What evidence have you got to substantiate that outrageous accusation and that level of incompetence on Twitter's part? You can't spout random negative information and treat it as fact/true until someone proves otherwise. If you disagree with me then look at it from another perspective. That is the same ideology conspiracy theorists use. Make something up which suits our narrative and when somebody tries to disprove it we'll make something else up to dismiss their argument. I hope he gets sued for that or the government take action against him. He plays fast and loose with the stock exchange and shares.
I think you’re missing business studies lesson 101, all companies on Stock Exchange compete and play like that and as for calling him out on the spam account accusations being fake, what makes you privy to Twitter internal statistics?

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Originally Posted by TheDaddy View Post
Shouldn't he have done that before he had his offer accepted?
He did and thinks he’s been mislead.
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