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Re: Final bill from VM

Originally Posted by rovert View Post
Despite the fact that as a result of the notice given my contract with VM ends on 11 November I have today received a bill charging for services up to 6 December. As if this wasn't bad enough the bill is for 44.52 made up of 2.77 for "last month's changes" and 41.75 for "bundle charges 7 Nov to 6 Dec".
Virgin Media's billing system will generate bills as normal right up to the disconnection date.

This is because you have the option to cancel your cancellation, or change the cancellation date right up to the day it happens - and people do this regularly.

When your account disconnects, you'll get an amended bill. As the disconnection and the billing period are quite close, it'll probably mean the bill you've just been sent is cancelled and replaced by the final bill - and that's the amount that'll be taken via the Direct Debit.
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