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Re: Virgin Media have cut my phone off

Originally Posted by Maggy View Post
Well you try that old tried and tested method of contracting the head boss directly. It has worked in the past.The distant past.
Good shout.

I've dropped Mr Schueler an email now.

Mr Schueler,

I hope you can help me, it seems you're my only hope.

I am currently with Virgin Media for Broadband and Mobile. Technically, the account is in my wife's name, {name}, CC'd, but the phone is mine.

The account number is {number}, Area {number}. The mobile number in question should be {number}.

I submitted a cancellation request on my services on 18th Jan, then, after retentions offers that would have involved a new 18m contract, rescinded this cancellation to stay with VM. This must have been around the 3rd Feb.

My broadband is therefore still working, however Virgin Media erroneously cancelled my mobile phone, and terminated it, on the 18th Feb.

I spent hours on the phone, I'd estimate at least 10h in total, on the 21st and 22nd Feb trying to resolve this matter, to eventually be told that you'd lost my phone number, the number I have had over 10 years, and that I couldn't have it back. I've had no service on my mobile at all for nearly a week, and now I'm told you can send me out a new sim but it will have a new number.

I use this number for business as well as personal use and this has significant financial implications for me. I really hope you can resolve this, else I am going to be forced to submit a small claims action or take this matter to Alternate Dispute Resolution.

Here's a call recording of the point at which you told me you had lost my phone number:

You'll notice that at the end of the call I was assured a manager would call me back within 2 hours to escalate the matter. Of course, no manager called me.

Please treat this matter as a formal complaint. Nobody else seems to action these. If you cannot restore my number, please issue me a letter of deadlock so that I may proceed to ADR.

Note that, until I get a final resolution to this matter, I cannot make alternate arrangements, as such, consequential losses that I am likely to be seeking from Virgin are increasing the longer this matter is not dealt with, so please do not make me wait 8 weeks to proceed to ADR if you have indeed already reached your final position on the matter.

Yours Sincerely,

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