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Re: Over a barrell

Originally Posted by Matthew View Post
I pay 73.36 a month to Virgin and I've had enough!

I'm on a mates rates, premiere collection which includes:
  • Talk International 2
  • Talk Unlimited
  • Talk Mobile 2
  • Full House TV (XL)
  • 1 Additional TV Box
  • V HD Monthly Fee
  • TiVO Monthly Fee
  • VIVID 200 Opitcal Fibre
  • Mates Rates Premiere
Then phone line rental of 19

Now all I want is 200MB internet, no phone line, TV I just want my nat geo type channels (have the channel list and been through it) tempted to loose the second box. I want to reduce the package.

I either just get 200Mb from them and go to Sky, works out same cost there abouts but their new Q box lets me watch my TiVO stuff which would mean I get more from my package.

Any thoughts?
Do you mean that you are now able to hook your Sky Q box up to your TiVo to watch any unwatched recordings, or have I misunderstood?
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