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Re: Secure Your Wireless Network.

Hi Raistlin, turning off encryption does seem to help the system slightly, but we cant replicate the circumstances where the system locks up. I think I need to delve into the depths of her event logs.
I think this problem is going to take time to narrow down though so will get back if I find anything in there. I also think her machine isnt quite up to running a 'settled in' Vista, with multiple communications programs open, Firefox with multiple tabs each looking at different streams of Anime cartoons, Live messenger with multiple conversations going on.... but we cant change that because thats how my daughter wants the computer to perform.
I have checked how many background apps are running using msconfig and to be fair there doesnt seem anything unusual there, apart from Kirby (scheduler). Its running Avast for protection (we got rid of Norton from day one - too heavy on any system really), occasional sweeps with Spybot and CCleaner, an up to date hosts file from the problem originally started soon after we established a wifi setup for her (other computers in the house are on LAN), previously her wifi connection was through a BT home hub (which I eventually slaved on a static IP through a Netgear DG834v2, because we needed a scheduled firewall). Now we have changed provider through cable and have another netgear router (WGR614v6). So I dont think it has anything to do with the routers, and my old Compaq Presario r3000 (Athlon version) has no problems with wifi.

I can only conclude at the moment that something about her setup is one straw too many for the donkeys back, and increasing security is the only change I have done before the problem started. Vista SP1 has installed since the problem started so the problem has existed before and after SP1.

Edit: Forgot to mention the laptop is this one

Edit 2: We also do occasional sweeps (in safe mode) with MWAV (Microworld Anti Virus - EScan).
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