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Re: VM News Another Price Increase

Hi all , tried to call to get better deal

Currently on only 200mb for 41.74 been customer for over 7 years also i have no need for phone or TV and this constent price rise just pushed me to try to get new deal, Also happy to downgrade to 100mb i dont need 200mb although he said my internet use was extreme I know i would be fine with 100mb its not like the full 200mb is used at once

My friend across the road has been customer for less years and pays 27 for 100mb

Also i mentioned uswitch deals i see for new customers 100mb 27 12 months contract 35 setup fee he said I couldnt cancel and get family member to sign up is that true ?

deal i was given was 37 for 200mb which I thought wasnt good enough and when i asked i dont need 200mb he said 100mb would cost more

When i said talk talk and Vodafone do 67mb average for much cheaper and my neighbour is on vodafone and gets 60mb+ he said even though he is next door doesnt mean i will get that speed i can try and just cancel 30 days if it didnt , it was just back and forth with him

Guess i'll call again in few days and maybe get lucky with someone else


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