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Re: Hub 4

Originally Posted by gunner45 View Post
The hub 4 is for those who sign up for the 1Gbps service which will be only in DOCSIS 3.1 areas.
I did read the article where by it states the hub 4 is for the Gigabyte service currently in Southampton only, but it also goes on to say it will eventually become available to those on DOSSIS 3.0.

I am sure it will eventually as every other new piece of equipment become available to us all, and only asked what peoples thoughts might be on how long this timeline maybe from past experience. And maybe hear peoples joy at eventually getting rid of this underpowered piece of **** we have at this moment.

After all "puma gate" left a bad taste, I don't need someone to state the obvious and quote a article I have just read and understood.

I can understand the company's position not wishing for unwanted calls requesting equipment that is unavailable at this moment, and that's how your reply sounds.
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