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Re: Coming Soon to Virgin Media TV (2017)

Originally Posted by OLD BOY View Post
Looks interesting, this. Let's hope it's in addition to, and not instead of, the US drama shows on this channel. My concern is that the drama may all disappear onto Sky Atlantic.

Sky unveils entertainment-led Sky 1 revamp

In a week where the pay-TV operator has instigated a revamp of its premium sports channels, executives at Sky have revealed a commissioning strategy that will see Sky 1 feature what they describe as “new, ambitious and action-packed entertainment shows”.

At a Broadcasting Press Guild briefing in Sky’s west London HQ, Phil Edgar Jones, Head of Entertainment at Sky revealed three new Sky Original Productions set to debut on the channel this autumn and winter. Sing It (working title) the UK’s first authentic a capella singing contest, Revolution (working title), an extreme sport action-entertainment show that will pitch skateboarders, BMXers and skaters against one another, and Carmageddon (working title), an epic clash where pimped-up, battle-ready cars will face their judgement day.

According to Edgar Jones, Sky is making Sky 1 “even bigger, bolder and better,” with the three new productions. “They signify a new direction for the channel,” he added.

Adam Macdonald, Director of Sky 1 HD, confirmed that the productions were intended to be long-running, returning shows. “We can’t just do an occasional special,” he admitted. Zai Bennett, Director of Programmes for Sky UK, stressed that if Sky introduces a new show, “it has to be the best of its kind”.
One of those shows is Strike back (reboot) trust me.

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Originally Posted by OLD BOY View Post
Well, it certainly appears that possession of your own channels only gets you so far when negotiating with Sky...
The sad thing is though as the big 3 start their pettiness it is us the consumer who ends up suffering i've said it before i'll say it again SKY,VM and BT need their heads banging together.
All three cry about people using illegal routes to obtain content they should take a good long hard look at themselves, actually i'm going to exclude VM from this as on this occasion they aren't to blame as they don't provide content.
BT and SKY keep pushing their luck it is going to backfire on them spectacularly.
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