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Re: Coming Soon to Virgin Media TV (2017)

Originally Posted by jj20x View Post
I can't see why that is happening. Like the basic BBC services, radio channels aren't encrypted and are outside VM's subscription pack structure. So what is actually blocking access?
Originally Posted by jj20x View Post
Bearing in mind that it still works on the Tivo etc, and that this bug is limited to the V6, possibly neither.

I don't know. Consider the possibility that, for some reason, the actual audio stream is incompatible with the V6. Would it be fair to threaten the content provider with a termination of contract? They are providing the same service they always have, which still works on the VM boxes it previously worked on. So how would it be their fault if VM introduced new hardware, incompatible with the stream? A bit harsh perhaps.

I would say that it is up to VM to convert the audio stream and make it universally compatible across all boxes. Either that or update the V6 firmware to make it compatible.

Of course, it may not be a compatibility problem with the actual audio stream. Which brings us back to the question, what is actually blocking access.

Out of interest, do any of the other channels, on the radio section of the EPG, fail to play on the V6?
What I find odd is that the V6 obviously doesn't suggest or record Wishlists from encrypted channels that you don't subscribe to.

However, I keep getting entries in my planner for RTE Radio even though the V6 says I'm not authorised to receive it!
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