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Re: Hub 4

Originally Posted by gunner45 View Post
You have not read and understood the article because you are jumping to a conclusion that VM is going to replace existing hubs with the new hub. I'm the first person to admit that the hub 3.0 is inadequate for my usage, which is why it's in modem mode, but for the aversge user it's OK and will remain so for quite a while as most people will not be ordering the 1Gbps service. Just look at the original SH1, it's still supported even though it came out in January 2011 if you want to have an idea how long VM hubs last for.
Yes i agree the hub 3 is fine now for the average user, the wifi covers my house just fine and i always get max speed and as for the puma issue that doesn't cause me any problems and i am a gamer too.

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Originally Posted by TROTER View Post
I have always used modem mode but because of the chipset issue which effects both configurations of the hub I feel a upgrade is long overdue.

Its not like you get the equipment for free when your first to adopt new hardware, I have payed for every Hub and TV box upgrade upon release over a period of nearly twenty years.

I have also said in the past that if it were a option I would have purchased my own high end gateway or modem.

Its a business and I understand that, if the customer is willing to pay whatever they are asking then I cant see why that would be a problem.

I did not conclude that we were all about to get a phone call offering us all a free upgrade rendering millions of gateways to the landfill.
You must be doing something wrong if you have had to pay, i got around paying by being on the trials for new hubs and getting a free swap on an engineer visit.
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