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Re: Virgin Media Ad Deal [Updated: See Post No. 77 & 102]

Apologies if anything here has already been mentioned, but there are too many posts in this thread for me to read through.

Firstly, this business about storing a cookie to opt out is a joke. That basically means that you need to remember to opt out every time you clear personal data from your system, or re-install your machine. Exactly why this should be opt in and not opt out.

Secondly, from what I've read on the WebWise website, this technology is what diverts you to a warning screen when you're about to visit dodgy phishing sites:

"Webwise automatically checks web addresses you browse to, even ones you click on accidentally, against key industry blacklists of known fraudulent websites. These lists are constantly updated by the top companies in this field. Sites that appear on those lists will be flagged with a warning notice before you reach them, giving you an opportunity to avoid them."

So my question is - why should we need to disable such a security device simply to opt out of an advertising scheme? These two items should be completely separate - opting out of the adverts should under no circumstances affect our security.

The current scheme seems to hold a virtual gun to our heads, and say "view our adverts, or risk your online safety." Okay, everyone should have firewalls etc. installed, but even so, the removal of any additional layer of security can only be seen as a bad thing.
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