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Re: Final bill from VM

Originally Posted by RichardCoulter View Post
What did they say about your advance line saver rental?

I was never told this when I ordered it, but when I was thinking of leaving they said that this was not refundable under any circumstances.

Not read the t&c's, but I'd assume that death would be covered!
I wasn't too worried about the line rental saver as I knew there would be no refund but it only had a month to run. I do remember that when my Dad passed away five years ago BT refunded the outstanding period because of the circumstances.

I have now had the final final bill. The one thing I don't understand is how Virgin get away with cancelling completely a contract when a customer gives 30 days notice. My 21 a month package immediately became 41.75 when I gave notice. Surely the contract price should be honoured through the notice period.
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