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Re: Government & Post Election Discussion

Originally Posted by GrimUpNorth View Post
Just checked and this is what the Conservative Manifesto said: We will grant a free vote, on a government bill in government time, to give parliament the opportunity to decide the future of the Hunting Act.

Now I know you'll try and wriggle out of it, but a government bill on government time sounds pretty like something supported by the party AND if they are happy for it to remain banned then why not let the present ban stand??

Mrs May kept saying all the way the election campaign that we needed to vote for her and only her (a big mistake in the end) and she tried her best to dominate every aspect of party policy - look at the 'battle' bus - she even signed it!! So as she is a supporter of fox hunting I think the pledge in the manifesto came straight from the top and she had/has some strange idea that such a barbaric step backwards would win her the respect of the country. It would be funny if it wasn't so disturbing.


A free vote can be useful. If the majority succeed in keeping the ban, it shuts the animal killers up for a few more years.
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