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Re: VM News Another Price Increase

Originally Posted by djmagnifique View Post
My email only says this.

'We know a price rise is never welcome, but itís essential we continue investing in our technology. To help us carry on this work, the price of your package will go up by £5.75 a month from 1st March.'

And then the same bit as yours that is under the big red 'Find Out More'

I don't even get the automated discount offer when I phone up either.
Interesting, so it seems there may be a change in contracts depending on when you join (or how they have applied a promotion to accounts - whether as a fixed price contract/price for a fixed term, like mine, or it seems as a discount of X off the tariff - so the amount of discount stays the same but the price it is based on increases as does the price you pay).

If you still have the same wording about being able to leave penalty free, then that is an option to renegotiate.
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