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Re: UHD on Virgin Media

Originally Posted by BenMcr View Post
Everything the BBC does has to be platform neutral i.e. everything should be done in a way so that it could be accessed by all licence fee payers.

This is documented in the BBC's charter documents here:

And this is specifically from the agreement document:

So the BBC generally can't produce something that's classed as UK Public Services that only Sky or BT or VM customers could access (Different rules apply where it comes under the Commercial arm of the BBC)

In the case of the Ultra HD World Cup streams - they are a trial, so I'd expect the BBC are allowed some leeway in these rules - however their aim is still to produce a technical solution that complies with the above statement.
How does providing those 4k streams to Virgin and sky as well as iPlayer in anyway go against that.

This doesn't make sense.
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