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Re: Virgin Media Phorm Webwise Adverts [Updated: See Post No. 1, 77, 102 & 797]

Originally Posted by SelfProtection View Post
Wrong in this case if we play by their Rules we would lose.
The Overall evidence is on our side & it may take longer but in the end the evidence will speak for itself!
OK I am only putting my two cents in. I have read this thread and never participated.

I wish you the best of luck though.

I work in PR and you are doing yourselves a lot of damage in my opinion- hence i wanted to offer up an opinion.

What you seem to not see is that I agree that the evidence is on your side. What you do not understand is that NO ONE cares- not in a real get the press kind of way- so be right and have it take longer. I really fear it will take a seriously long time given current strategy.

i do hope i am wrong.
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