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Re: Season 2017/2018

I've missed it, gonna look through last night's clips now. In the meantime, I'm sure Den saw this but:

It's just embarrassing.

All in all though I'm trying not to exaggerate but we're just literally watching the standard of refereeing fall away with hilariously bad decisions in games combined with some people actually agreeing. I.E Kyle Walkers phantom elbow against Everton was it? People are still convinced he's done him with his elbow despite the fact Walker's elbow goes absolutely nowhere near the lads face, nor does it even touch any other part of his body. Walker was sent off for a shoulder charge ultimately.

Juve's penalty the other night was hilariously bad. The commentator literally saying, there's Juve's mandatory penalty didn't help, they're not exactly a team notorious for spot fixing or anything...

Shawcross at the weekend with a quite remarkable attempt to win the ball in the box, completely misses it, wipes the player out, goal kick

Kompany flattens Vardy when he's clean through on goal, Yellow card.

Just watched the Chelsea one, can see why the ref gives it, he doesn't get the luxury we do so it's not as obvious. On a quick run it looks like your typical 'he's pulled him down' but in fairness Willian gets ahead and the bloke has nowhere to go after the battle, he doesn't even clatter into the back him that hard and Willian is always going down from it, it's a really soft one but the worst end of the decision is to then be sent off for it. I mean Chelsea should win obviously but it killed the game off anyway in 19 minutes.
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