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Re: Season 2017/2018

Originally Posted by Dave42 View Post
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PCP Partners headed by Amanda Staveley has tabled a formal takeover bid for Newcastle United Football Club in the region of 300m and they hope to get exclusivity on talks this week

That last bit generally means they wish to be the only party remaining to takeover the club and is a general sign they're going ahead with a takeover, as if the bid didn't confirm that, but it's just an assurance thing. Only the Staveley talks have been made public but obviously we're aware of 3 other parties, Chinese, Middle-Eastern and an unknown group. Nothing was disclosed about how far they got besides the NDA. It seems like a foregone conclusion that Staveley and PCP won the race though. Of all the groups, I've only seen the Chinese group as the other serious party, they were however worried about not being able to invest with current Chinese rulings stopping that.

But hey, SportsDirect@Sunderland incoming! Jokes aside it wouldn't even be a bad move for Sunderland right now, he might well clear the debt and make the club float. But realistically I don't think he'll be after another club except Rangers? Even being a geordie I can tell what's going on at Sunderland is a joke. How they've been allowed to get into this position is a disgrace and the same applies with Villa, the latter are absolutely knackered if they don't get promoted.

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Another shocking decision this season then, just to add to the 30 page list Shawcross clatters him and thats a penalty all day, it's not even a hard decision.
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