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Re: Ping times to Hub3 are abysmal

Originally Posted by pip08456 View Post
That graph, though usual for a cable connection, bears no resemblance to Kushan's issue.

Kushan is commenting on ping time from PC - Hub, nothing inbetween. Your graph shows ping time from TBB's servers through extenal routing to VM's network and routing to the hub which can have 10-30 routers involved inbetween.
Was in reference to the "They just need to roll out gig1 to me already." its the same arris product with the same faulty chipset line maybe not as bad but from the heat it gives out i wouldn't be surprised if it fails in less than a year.

Was adding my 2 cents the the Hub 4.0 isn't any better than the 3.0

So climb down off the high horse.
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