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Re: 2.4 says no internet connection

Originally Posted by admars View Post
interesting, i might have to try that on my shub4, which is downstiars in lounge where shub2 used to be.

I was on shub2 until recently, it was fine, but i had a phonecall asking if i wanted a 4, so i thought i may as well.

a couple of our laptops have been hit and miss about connecting to the wifi.

only today it occured to me, my mobile, the missus' mobile and my work latop upstairs never have a problem (upstairs laptop used to lose connection now and again with shub 2).

i had one of the other laptops, which is a few years old 2m away from the shub4 and it lost internet mid use! so i connected to shub4 and saw that the older laptops are on 2.4, the phones and work laptop 5

🤞 it works, mine still,perfect, even starts up quicker in the morning, as I turn it off over night....😎
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