Thread: 350M Upload woes.
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Re: Upload woes.

Originally Posted by General Maximus View Post
The usual twoddle

50% is too much of a coincidence. Have you been able to achieve full speed before? I only ask because Linksys haven't made any new routers for a while now and if your router is a few years old I am wondering if 18mbits is its max.

My 350 package pre-dates the upstream increase whenever they did that.
So I've never had above 18Mbps, which is what leads me to believe it's very much a Virgin issue.

I'll scale back the network this evening, and put the SuperHub back into router mode, to see what's achieveable.
Whilst my Linksys router is a couple of years old, I wouldn't expect an upload bottleneck on it - but you never know. I'll get that checked out.

I'll report back once it all goes tits up.
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